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"I had a recent reading from Charlene looking to connect with my son Chris who passed away six years ago at the age of 25.  I have known Charlene from our place of work she knew that I lost my son but she did not know all the circumstances that lead up to his death.  When I received her reading via email I was so surprised on how accurate she was in regards to his health and how he suffered so much with the cancer.  She talked about how much difficulty I had with this loss and that he was worried about me, which is so true and I am still distraught.  He spoke about his father and mentioned that he is concerned about his health and that is accurate seeing his father has just received some news about his health that has us concerned. She mentioned that Chris sends us signs like coins which Charlene and I never discussed and I get pennies and my husband gets dimes.  He talked about his brother and that he watches over him and that he spends too much money, which is true.  One thing that Charlene said that Chris laughed and said “ma, I never left you”. Wow he always called me “ma” never mommy or mom.  I was quite pleased with my reading and I amrecommending Charlene to others who need to connect with their love ones."
 Lucille Valliere, North Providence, Rhode Island
"I have known Charlene for about 3 yrs now.....she is a very gifted person and her abilities are too long to list.I do remember not too long ago that I had purchased tickets to a Rod Stewart concert and put them somewhere (where I thought I would remember because I had bought them about six months in advance) and for the life of me couldn't find them.  They weren't cheap tickets and were a present for my husband's birthday.   I was so frantic that I asked Charlene if she knew where they were and she kept telling me " I see them somewhere in the envelope inside something else" and she kept saying this over and over again and told me that they were somewhere in my bedroom, right in front of me. I searched every drawer, under my bed, closet, etc.  But of course one of the obvious places that I missed was a box where I store paid monthly bills and lo and behold, I went through every single envelope and there were the tickets for the concert in between the bills. I sure cut it close because the concert was just a week away and thanks to Charlene, my husband and I enjoyed the concert.Charlene has helped me in so many ways especially emotionally dealing with health situations, work, giving me heads-up on things and she has been 'RIGHT ON"!  Sometimes what she tells you doesn't happen right away, but when you least expect it,you may be just sitting around or at work, at home, anywhere and saying to yourself "wow, I remember Charlene telling me that this was going to happen"!   She's great, and I would recommend her to anyone!!!!!!! 
Sharon, North Providence, Rhode Island
"I've been to a few readers in my life and Charlene has brought a brand of her own to the table. She is intuitive, insightful, spiritual, practical and realistic. Her ability to be so accurate is scary at times. If you want the truth and compassionate advice have a reading with Charlene. She has great energy and uses the pendulum also for yes and no answers to some of my questions that are very close to 100% on the money. She is the real deal."
Anthony Ianiero, East Greenwich, Rhode Island
"The first time I went to Charlene I was very lost and confused about things in my life as most of us are when we go looking for answers to questions. A friend suggested I go see her. Charlene helped her out told her things that no one should know. Now I read tarot cards not professionally but for my own personal use and i was very interested in what she could tell me. So i went and as i met her i felt right at home. She has a very calming nature about her. As we started she was telling me things right away that didnot make sense to her but made a whole lot of sense to me. As the reading proceeded the more excited I became she really helped me make sense of some messed up things. I must say though they were not all good. Charlene is very truthful she does not hold back which is excatly what you want in a reader. Any one who is not open and honest with you is not worth the time. Everything she told me happened in the time frame she gave me. So i was so blown away by it that I had to go back. This time was better but again she was dead on with what she told me was and is happening now. If you are looking for an open and honest no holding back reading Charlene is the one she will not steer you wrong."               
 Blessed Be,
Deanna, Cranston, Rhode Island
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