Psychic Impressions Live - Intuitive Guidance at its best and at your finger tips.
I have a wide range of reading types to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. The most popular products are shown below. Please call or email for more information on products, current promotions and custom options.
Do you miss a loved one that has passed on? Wish you knew what they were thinking or if they have a message for you? Want to know answers to questions that you can’t figure out on your own and wished that you could ask your parent, grandparent or friend for advice? These readings connect with that loved one that has passed.
Do you need help making a decision? Have a problem in your love life? Feel at wits end and need advice with an intuitive edge to it? This is the most popular product as it gives you an indepth reading along with the opportunity to ask questions. It is offered in a variety of ways and has pricing to fit even the smallest budget.  Based on the vibration of your first name, answers to your questions can be on your email within a 24-48 hour time period.The intuitive/psychic card emailed reading uses the vibration from your first name in order to get the answers to your questions. A detailed general reading appears first in the email, followed by your previously sent questions.
Currently customers are enjoying either the natal charts with a year of transits, a romantic chart with someone special or a romantic chart with someone special including both natal charts. Please note that if you are purchasing a romantic chart you need the information for both people.
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